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A.  Puddy

Full Names

Rank /Unit  

Years at Q.E.G.S.

William Anthony Malcolm Puddy

Lance Corporal
4th Battalion Dorset Regiment



Date  / Place of Birth

Date  / Place of Death

Age at Death


Tuesday 15th August 1944   


Lance Corporal Puddy was the son of Wm. Henry and Alice Bertha Puddy of No. 3, Verulam Road, Parkstone, although it is very probable that, at the time he was attending WGS, his home might have been nearer to  Wimborne.

There was heavy fighting in Normandy immediately after the Allied landings, during which Tony died of wounds received in action.

His grave is in the Tilly-sur-Seulles War Cemetery, some seven miles south-east from Bayeux. Eventually approx. 1000 battlefield burials were brought in to this War Cemetery, which was not consecrated until the  8th July 1944.

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