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The History of the School

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1850 to 1899

Events and Headmasters  1900 to 1919

By Graham Powell




Work is soon to be started on a Physics Laboratory, with a Carpenter's shop adjacent to the lab.
The Thursday that Ladysmith was relieved all shops were closed and  flying flags, the bellringers at the Minster rang “Volleys” which had not been heard for 34 years. The Headmaster gave a half-day holiday, and the masters Mr Chassall and Mr Watson gave out cakes and jam until some boys cried out “I can't eat any more”!
March 26 a letter received from R M P Toppin of the Natal Naval Volunteers gives a vivid description of life inside Ladysmith whilst under siege, actually dated Dec 30 1899.  At that point, they had been under bombardment for 3 months.
Commem was held on 31 July, followed by Prize-giving at school. The Governors has been able to pay off a part of the new building but some debt still to be cleared. It was proposed to hold a bazaar as a fund-raiser in November.
Obit. Dr Fletcher, former Headmaster, passed away on 8 July.
Obit. H V Lovett-Thomas died 14 July in the Seychelles.
Obit. Herbert Ellis, who had supplied accounts of life in the Phillipines to the Winburnian, died whilst serving in the American Army. Had been in the New York Fire Brigade, a miner, a milkman, a typist, a photographer,    “he was a huge daredevil fellow”.
Prior to the OWA reunion, WGS saw off the Old Boys by 111 runs to 36 and 74, bad light stopped play. Held at The King's Head, they resolved to have another meeting in London. Chislett recalled the time Sir John Fryer and Robert Lewer, who were at school together, met up in unexpected circumstances in Afghanistan. Sir John now commands Southern District of Ireland.
The Bazaar was a pleasing episode in school life, showing how willing good friends in town and neighbourhood are to put themslves to real trouble. £320 were raised.
Both Toppin and Rev'd Norman Bennet contribute reports on the Boer War.


July. Commemoration procession rained off, they all met at the Minster door. The sermon was preached by the Rev'd Norman Bennet, on the text “Thou shalt endure hardness, like a good soldier of Christ”. When they returned to the school, prizes were given by Lady Hanham. The School Choir then sang the Humming Song by Wagner, and a selection from Mendelsohn's setting of Midsummer Night's Dream. After this Philpott, Hazard, Kingston, Marley, Seymour, Chissell, Tollemach, Hodges and Vye performed an excellent selection of more laughable scenes of Henry V. It finished with the choir singing Ave Maria and God Save the King.
H M Greenhill took 3 for 39 in the South Africans' 1 innings, on his debut for the Hampshire team.
Oliver Huyshe  won a scholarship to King's School, Canterbury, A A Huyshe gazetted 2 Lt in RGA..
Mr E G Pierce the Science Master marries Miss E Fletcher.
Obit. R M P Toppin dies at Ladysmith of wounds received at Mafeking.


In 1902 Commemoration Day was presided by the 5th Earl of Malmesbury, who had been known at school as Harris major, full name James Edward Harris, born in 1872, therefore at school from 1880. Having got his degree at Christ's College, Oxford in 1895, he went on to have a distinguished career, and served as a Major in the 3rd Battalion of the Hampshire regiment during the Great War. From 1922-24 he was Lord-in-Waiting to King George V, essentially the Government whip in the House of Lords. He left parliament and became Chairman of Hampshire County Council from 1927 to 1937, and was very much involved in the affairs of the New Forest. He was President, among many other things, of the Genealogical Society. Hurn Court, then in Hampshire, was his family residence.
Congratulations to Philpott ma for winning the Luff Cup for best all-rounder for the 2 year.
Committee meetings held on Mar 11, 14, 20. Boarders represented by H W F Kingston, G E Drake, R R Cave: dayboys by G W G Philpott, A J Vye, C E Garrett, deliberating on the rules for elegibility to compete in sports events subject to an age limit.
H N C Simes, soon after joining Naval Engineering College at Devonport, distinguished himself by rescuing 2 companions when their sailboat overturned.
Obit. Rev'd H Pix, former Headmaster, Rector of Minterne Magna, assistant master 1856-72.   2nd Lt. Trevor M Hill, Dragoon Guards, wounded in action at Leuwkop.
Sermon at Commem preached by OW Rev'd C G Paget,  Vicar of Holt. Prizes given by the Earl of Malmesbury, who, as Harris ma, had been in the school 15 years earlier. Entertainment included scenes from The Rehearsal, and The Rose and the Ring, performed by C C Hodges, L A A Tollemache, T A Passant, H W F Kingston, E H Aubrey, J B Bullock.
Boer War memorial unveiled on Dec 17 by OW Maj-Gen. Toppin, uncle of the late R M P Toppin, the names of all who took part recorded on the walls of Big School.
Visit from S O Beasley, who qualified as a Doctor in the USA and was engaged as a surgeon during the US War in the Phillipines. Probably the contributor on this subject in the Winburnian


April 8. Philpott wins the mile race a long way ahead in 5'17”. In the Junior race, it was Phillips mi winning in record time of  5'26”. Boarders won the Challenge Cup. Prizes were given by Lady Alington.
Obit. L Brett died of typhoid fever early in the summer term. He did much service to the school sports both before and after he left.
Commemoration at the Minster on July 29, sermon by OW Rev'd R G Plumptre. At school afterwards Sir John Fryer delivered the prizes. The Rev'd G Long, Schools Examiner, read his report on the work of the school, favourable in most respects. Entertainment included the choir singing A Rover Chanty, and scenes from The Heir at Law, followed by another chorus of Captain Reece, and We rock away on the Billows Gay. Tea was provided in the Gymnasium.


First inspection by the new Education board there were 27 boarders and 37 day boys.
Visit from S O Beasley, who qualified as a Doctor in the USA and was engaged as a surgeon during the Philippines War. Probably the contributor on this subject in the Winburnian.
Chissell and Montgomery both at Middlesex Hospital and doing wonders for their football team.
Program for July 31st Concert.


After a gap of 3 years, the Winburnian is revived.
At the end of the summer term Mr Fynes-Clinton retires after 27 years service. The School has been improved by the erection of the Fives Courts,  Gymnasium, Laboratories and other less important buildings. He has the affection of generations of schoolboys who have experienced his kindness and that of his dear lady.  
Speech Day on 31 July conducted by Rev'd J M J Fletcher, the Vicar, and the sermon given by the Rev'd W W Hough, a former master. Prize giving at the school was by Lady Alington. At the close of the speeches and presentations, the Chairman of Governors Sir Richard Glyn called for 3 cheers  for Mrs Clinton. The Headmaster and Mrs Clinton then entertained a large company to tea.
Obit. Edwin Budden, who died at School House, Macclesfield, aged 49.
Obit. R R Cave l. 1902, died in a lamentable gun accident.
R E Salkeld l. 1889 now a “Collector” in British Somaliland.
W A Wykesmith works at the Canadian Bank of Commerce, Montreal
A Clavell Salter KC has been appointed Recorder of Poole.
H C Cummins l. 1888 lives at Rotorua, NZ.
A cup instituted by G H Stevens, l. 1905, for Rifle Shooting was won by the boarders in July


At Commmoration the sermon preached by the Rev'd G Styles paid tribute to departing Headmaster Eustace Fynes-Clinton, his prudent and diligent governing, and wisdom in dealing with the many problems and changes in policy occurring since he took the reins. Adjourning to Big School, the company were delighted to see the handsome clock which had been presented to him the previous day by the boys of the school. Sir John Hanham, who took the Chair, then welcomed the Rev'd A D H Allan, confident that he would maintain the good work done for many years past. Mrs Bankes presented the prizes. Entertainment with excerpts from The Rehearsal and Twelfth Night was presented by O B J Philpott, J Wellington, L Budden, F R Richards, A Wright, D G Hazard, J C Paget, M M Denny, E H Workman, F E Low, A S Hibberd, D Richards.
At the Old Winburnian dinner, Rushton at school in Mr Fynes-Clinton's time 17 years earlier, gave fond reflections on those days. Mr Fynes-Clinton gracefully replied and was presented with a cigarette case containing £42, Mrs Fynes-Clinton a Silver Purse containing £21.
Headmaster of the Choristers of the Chapel Royal “Bunney” Blount, who attended the school before memory of the present register, presides over an Old Boys smoking concert.
“Rusty”, see above, is reported as growing rubber in Penang. His real identity is R D Greenhill.
Obit. W P Jackson, thought to have left 50 years ago. Keen member of OWA, had proposed the toast at the last reunion, none who listened to his cheery talk could have thought that the end was so near.
Picture of the Soccer Team.


General Sir John Fryer, who attended 50 years before, presents the painting of Queen Elizabeth which now decorates the school hall. It was subsequently cleaned and turned out to be of a type which was current at the end of the 16th Century to celebrate the defeat of the Spanish Armada. There is a plaque of the Fryer family in the Minster. A William Fryer was a Governor in 1797, a John in 1782, another John in 1836, could have been pupils.
The Winburnian reports: new desks arrived. The tops of the old desks, with their interesting heiroglyphics extending over a period of 60 years, are being carefully preserved. There is no trace of them now unfortunately.
In the summer term, numbers were increased by 20 new boys, to 60. Mr Wilshire organises a violin class. This gentleman doubled as the organist of the Minster and music master at the School. He composed the music to the School song, and Charles Fowler contributed the words, we assume sometime before 1905.
On Speech Day, General Fryer distributed the prizes. It was attended by Sir John Hanham who had left 40 years earlier. There will be 14 new boys next term. H O Chislett proposing the toast to the Chairman, refers to the family history of the Fryers, the Hanhams, the Garlands and the Castlemans, all Governors and often pupils of the school.


1909 65 boys at the school. Congratulations to the future Admiral M M Denny, on gaining entrance to Royal Naval College, Osborne, IOW. In Mr Wilshire's violin class were:  M M Denny, L W Ross, A Stride, N P Spooner, F A Kerridge, J C Paget, M T Paget, R G Butt, K M Kerridge, J C F Buxton.


Obituary of the Master of Christ's College, Mr A E Shipley, who last year presented the picture of Lady Margaret which still adorns the walls of the present QE School. Christ's was, of course, also founded as a College by Lady Margaret, but Mr Shipley seems not to have been otherwise connected with the Grammar School. The stable for the pony was built with wood recovered from “Paradise” dormitory when it was brought to its present condition. Sir Richard Glyn, bart., gave a scholarship of £1,000 for Agricultural studies. The Glyn banking family had recently moved into Gaunt's House.


A Clavell Salter elected MP for Basingstoke. Hugh O'Sullivan l.1892 made Governor of Upper Nile Province.  Rev'd. Bernard remembers exactly where he was standing when he heard the news of the victory of the Battle of the Alma.
Obit. Sir John Hanham, who studied under Fletcher, went on to Wellington and Magdalen College, Governor since 1905.
Obit. Capt. R A Edwin at Wellington NZ, who was injured at the Battle of Sebastopol in 1854, served in the Canton & Maori Wars, joined NZ Civil Service in 1881. Rev F H Beavan (at school under Fletcher) made Bishopof Mashonaland (Rhodesia). Lt Gen A H Paget becomes C-in-C troops in Ireland.
Exceptional rainfall: the gauge in the playground as follows: May 1.27 in., Jun 2.02 in., July 0.19 in., Aug 0.80 in., Sept 0.84 in., December 9.04 in.!


Rev. F H Beaven, Bishop of Mashonaland, chairs the OW reunion. C H Cave married a Miss E M Blake, who was herself the sister of 5 other OWs. J C Paget l. 1903, admitted to Sandhurst. M L Haydon l.1893, and W T L Haydon l.1895, both appointed Surgeons to the Fleet. Charles Jackson of Wellington NZ recalls: Bernard, Wakefield, Onslow, Fryer and Frampton: also that he was confirmed in the Minster with Bainbridge, Fletcher, Irving, Jessop, Good and Cookesley, presumably in the 1850's.
At Commemoration the sermon preached by OW Rev'd H J Fynes-Clinton, nephew of former headmaster, now Vicar of St. Stephen's, Lewisham.
74 boys now attend the school, health excellent, no epidemics.
F Blount l. 1867 Manager of local branch Nat Prov Bank 1905-1912, retired as Treasurer of OWA, replaced by A Budden.
A P Muddiman l. 1892, Companion Order of Indian Empire in Birthday Honours.
Hugh Lynes l. 1906 has done the Australia trip 8 times in a sailing vessel.
A Bradbury l. 1907 painting accepted by Royal Academy aged just 20: his brother S. is a surveyor with Canadian Pacific Rly, Calgary.


On the occasion of the OWA reunion, July 30 , Gen W L H Paget sends apologies, has to return to Ireland because of unrest. His cousin Arthur ditto to re-organise the troops there. This was the beginning of the Troubles. The Paget family had established itself in Colehill in the 1820's.
Charles Good aged 85 presents portraits of his father Henry, Vicar at the Minster for 57 years, and his grandfather Henry, also Vicar for the 35 years before that. The Good family is well remembered in the Minster, you walk over a memorial stone to them in the porch, certainly they served as Governors, some of them also attended the school. One wonders what happened to the portraits. Obit. Surgeon Major-General Robert Lewer dies age 80, at school in the 1840's. He had met Sir John Fryer in Afghanistan during the war of 1878-80.
Obit Walter Fletcher, b. 1842, FRIBA, son of the headmaster, who lived in the Chantry most of his life. He was a Governor, designed the present Church House, many vicarages, schools and a few Churches.


After Commem on July 29, prize-giving took place in Big School, distributed by Lady Caillard, daughter of Sir John Hanham. “it is a great joy to come down to my own home, and especially to this school”. The choir then gave a rendering of Our Foundress, the words and air especially written by the Headmaster. G L Harris and  O J Price performed piano solos, E B Thomas a violin solo, a piano duet Gondolina by G R Reynolds and C A Gibbs.
Obit. Lt A B Trewman, wounded at Mons, succumbing near Ypres.
Edward Bartlett wounded on Oct 30, bullet through the knee-cap, now getting on well. His regiment reduced from 1,100 to 300 men near Ypres.
S H Bennett writes from Durban, very disappointed at not being in the thick of it. However, he has 2 Germans reporting to him every day as POWs on parole.
Obit. Maj. Edward Daniell, b. 1868, killed 27 Oct at Le Pilly.
School shocked by the death of Sgt-Maj. Stride, whose connection began with the Gymnasiumin 1888, had given enormous service in drill and gymnastics, his kindness and readiness to help in all good works made him universally respected.
Obit. Capt. Rogers, started school on the day of Queen Victoria's accession, died in Natal aged 92.
Obit. Thomas Lodder, who attended in the 1860's. He was secretary to the Governors for many years, also served as Secretary to the Kingston Lacey Estate.


Roll of Honour


Deaths at school due to meningitis.
A E Wilshire leaves, to join the Bank of England, and is replaced as Minster organist and School music master by G C E Eyers.
Mr W A Meadows joins as English Master and takes charge of Cadet Corps.
C A Wilkinson runs quarter mile in record 54.8 secs. G L Harris wins the Fives. F F Gibbs wins the senior steeplechase, E G Garrett the junior.
At Inter-school sports at Blandford June 12, WGS trailed Shaftesbury GS by 1 point at start of last event, the Mile race: Wilkinson came in easy 1 and Price 2, we won by 1 point.
Commem on July 28, few present, Rev'd G Styles presided, Bishop of Salisbury presented the prizes. Speaking as an old Rugby player himself, His Lordship said that he regarded that game as the finest trainingof human character which could be devised. A telegram was read out from 2nd.Lt Arthur Stride, then at Netley Hospital, recovering from wound sustained at the Dardanelles.
Obit. F H O Chislett, MRCS, died at Worthing aged 79
Obit. C A Sutherland in France: L Roberts in Gallipoli: G A Ellis at Neuve Chapelle: A C d'A Lynes in France on his second tour of duty: C E Smith died of fever in Egypt.
Convalescing are F W N Jeans hurt in fighting around Hooge: and Edward Bartlett.
F Bradley and C R Cave were in the Yeomanry charge at Anzac, F A W Old is missing


Obit. J W Best, who was Judge at the Madras High Court, dies aged 76.
Resignation of Sir Richard Glyn as Chairman of Governors, replaced by Rev'd G Style MA. Also retiring Arthur Bartlett.
Wednesday April 5 School hosted the Inter-school Sports. The competition was between WGS and Shaftesbury, others hardly won any points. School won 14-12.
The MC awarded to Hazard, C Lovell, S Boyle, T Selway and R C Bartlett. C Bradley has the DCM.
J Wellington has sailed for China as a Missionary.
Obit. Harold Ricketts l. 1907, who died on his honeymoon at Teignmouth, pluckily trying to rescue a boy who had got into difficulties swimming


At Commemoration Service, the Chairman of Governors and Vicar, Rev. Styles, refers to the heavy responsibilities the new Education Act puts upon school Governors. Prizes given by Lady Shaftesbury.


Chairman of OWA dinner is Col. H A V Cummins of the Indian Army left 1890. At Commemoration the Chairman of the Governors passed a resolution placing on record their admiration and gratitude for the patriotism, self-sacrifice and devotion shown by members, past and present, who had served their country in war, their sorrow for those who had suffered, and sympathy with the friends of those who had fallen. The headmaster stated that at least 300 had served actively, some 46 had lost their lives. He read out this list while the audience stood.The school intended to raise a memorial, £25 had already been collected.
Douglas Edward Foyle, cricket captain in 1918, succumbed to the influenza epidemic.
Rev. Styles gives the school permission to use Church House for extra classrooms.
Lucas-Tooth Shield competed for: the team included Sgt R E Ashford, Cpls H J Gibbs, T W Knight, L-Cpls N Bennett, S J Barton, A R O Foster, J S Carper, N S Brown, Cadets W H Foote, J Eyers, A D Ward (future General ), A R Thomson, R H D'Esterre.

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