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The OldWinburnians
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The History of the School

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Events and Headmasters  1945 to 1972

By Graham Powell




Speech Day presided by M J Raymond, and prize-giving by Canon Spencer Leeson, Headmaster of Winchester College. They celebrated 5 OHSC's and 17 School Certs.

School now numbers 317, of whom 2 thirds are in the Cadet Force.
Pilot Officer John Flippant awarded the DFC, and P/O D F White likewise.
Lionel Jeffries gets his commission.
Cadet Camp at Dewlish. Unscheduled excitement was helping put out a fire in a nearby cornfield.
W E Hadden demobbed from RAMC and now takes up position as Medical Officer in the Colonial Service in the Gambia.
Joe Mottram commissioned and with the 12 Army.
Ivor Hilliam captain of Guy's Hospital rugger side met John Annen doing his dentistry studies there.
School Play raised £69.8.11d was equally divided between British Legion and School funds. School has so far contributed over £50 to Red Cross POW fund.
On VE and following days the School was decked with flags and Mr Adams constructed apparatus to floodlight the old building.
D A Allen won the steeplechase in March, and F E C Riggs was the junior winner.
Lt. Col. Bruce Sutherland in hospital result of severe wounds suffered on Indo-Burma border.
Capt John Bennett RA literally dropped in on OW John Rowe landing his Auster spotter plane on the latter's lawn in Gussage St. Michael. Was shot down in Italy in the same plane a few days before Germans surrendered, finished up in Hospital with wounded foo


Becomes a voluntarily controlled School under the Ministry of Education.
Number 100 of THE WINBURNIAN happily coincides with the 450 Anniversary of the school. Derek Stevens remembers elderly parties attaching themselves to the procession into the Minster. They were OWs who had taken part in the 400 celebration in 1896. Mr Airey invited them to tea.
Final list of Winburnians who were in the armed services during the World War II printed in the Winburnian. Also the Roll of Honour, those who lost their lives. The Roll of Honour was engraved on a brass plate which is kept at QE School.
Major-General Dudley Ward CH, CBE, DSO, distributes the prizes at Speech Day.
Mr Airey praises the efforts during the war of Messrs Mottram, Drury, Kerswell and Streets who had been the bedrock of the school throughout this trying period. Chairman Sir Richard Glyn states that the headmaster should have included Mrs Airey who performed splendidly in keeping the boarding part going in difficult circumstances.  Also Mr Steele the caretaker: “a very necessary unit in the school's machinery...still carrying on with the same regularity and cheerfulness”. Boarders also remember Mrs. Steele, resourceful cook who fed us well. Their son W Steele was in Holland, with the infantry since 1944.
In December the Cadet Force parades to celebrate the award of Cadet Long Service Medal to Maj. J C Airey, who now relinquishes the position to Major Huntington.
New committee elected to OWA: E A Bishop, P Bollen, J F Brooman, W. Cribb, R Douch, R J Evans, A R O Foster, C G Hatchard, G N King, R T Matthews, R Small, A Warren.
Obit: Charles Ellis, b. 1869, Chairman of WUDC in 1905 and 1924, Governor, and partner in the Wimborne Brewery.
Jack Marsh visits, had been taken prisoner at the fall of Singapore, spent 4 years as a captive of the Japanese, worked for 2 years on the notorious river Kwai railway. In hospital at Tarso in Nov 1943, he met OW Ken Porter, their reminiscences of Wimborne helped them endure. His brother Donald,also a boarder, was killed 1944  in the fighting in Greece. Jim, who was Flt.Lt in the RAF, flew Liberators on 44 missions  over the Atlantic, now demobbed.
Ken Bartlett enters RAF after 1 year as draughtsman with Bristol Aircraft Co.
Lt Lionel Jeffries in force in Burma writes that tiger attacked their camp and killed 2 sergeants.
Sgt. Tony Haynes reports he had a surprise meeting with Mr Maiden, now commissioned, when touring in RAF Welfare Concert Party peforming near Delhi.
Sgt Clifford Trickett (RAF) stationed near Suez, met Eric Bailey, stationed at Fazid, 30 miles away.
A F Holland, 1891-98, remembers singing in the Minster choir on 400 anniversary of the foundation.
Mr Maiden returns for the Autumn term.
Obit. George Habgood JP l. 1871, Governor for many years, hon. Treasurer of the OWA, long service on WUDC, vice-Pres of Wimborne British Legion. Always had the welfare of the school in mind.
Citation Capt. David Britton, who had been Mr Airey's first Head Boy. Commanded a group of chindits, force 136. They killed 600 enemy and took 28 POW's. Killed in action 3 June 1945.
Letter from W B Warburton Stent l. 1879 thinks he must be one of the oldest OW's.
Wing Co. R Haskell DFC, posted missing, is now regrettably presumed killed. On the other hand, Capt. A A Galpin RASC, previously missing, had  been a POW in the Far East and is now repatriated.
14 Dec: Golden Jubilee Dinner at Gush's Restaurant, attended by 70. Toasts in silence: The King: Our Royal Foundress: Old Winburnians who have passed away. Mr F O Day, in proposing toast to the Association, thought it had run longer than any other organisation in Wimborne. Praised  the secretary John Grundy and Mr Drury for keeping up correspondence with so many OW's during the war. Headmaster regretted the provisions of the Education Act putting many restrictions in place and trying to do away with the Grammar School concept. Entertainment from Phil Bollen, Ron Small, Jimmy Frizzell, Frank Kerridge, Messrs Mottram, Drury and Maiden.

Picture of 1946 Soccer team.


Exceptional floods close the playing fields for a long period
In the interim, boxing in the gym became the sport of choice, 77 boys entered in 17 classes. Edwards won Class 1,  Bill Gibbs class 2, Stevens and Tony Slow tied Class 3.
The postponed steeplechase won by R G Hall, J Philpott the Intermediate and J H Martin the junior.
Trip to Switzerland during the Easter holidays, supervised by Mr Maiden and Mr Huntingdon. A great success enjoyed by all except Robert Hall who injured himself in a fall. The Swiss watch industry greatly benefitted.
Pete Beckett scores 110 not out in a match against Swanage Grammar, presented with a cricket bat.
Doug Williams passes Cadet Force PT Course at Aldershot and qualifies for Crossed Swords.
3 June party visits HMS Nelson at Weymouth, 18 June others visit HMS Anson.
C B Mooring Aldridge l. 1892 renews his subscription to the OWA.
Geoff King relinquishes his secretaryship of the Nat Farmers Union after 10 years.
Eric Howe drives from Stoke-on-Trent to play in the OW Rugger side, had to take a devious route to avoid the floods.
Len Taylor and Ron Small members of the Barbarians Rugger Club's successful season.
Former OW secretary Inky Inkpen, working for the Ministry of Works, transferred to Ealing as a Superintending Estate Surveyor.
John Brooman is training in the Royal Horse Guards, becomes a regular soldier.
Lt R L Annereau writes that he met Sgt E J Cox in transit camp near Lagos, Nigeria.
At the OW reunion, a scavenge hunt around Wimborne was enjoyed by 25 old boys and wives, who repaired to the Pied Piper at St Leonards afterwards. The next day saw a tennis competition and a swimming race. At the meeting afterwards the headmaster confirmed that the fund for the Roll of Honour had been closed, as £270 had been collected, of which £130 by Mr Drury and the OW's.
A reminder in the school mag that every boy had a bottle of milk every day.
9 Higher School Certs and 26 School Certs
D F Dolman passed Civil Service Exam.
T Gill working for BOAC in India, met up withSq/Ldr P B Osborne near Delhi.
R Longman at the Army School of Education near Glasgow experienced 20 degress of frost. He says they are supposed to spread education among the armed forces, but spend most of their time “bulling”.
William Le Brecht, 1890-96, visited, now Vice-Pres of American Export Co, N Y.
P C Lloyd studying at Oxford stays in the house owned by the brother of  H W B Joseph who was at WGS sometime in the 1870's.
At the annual dinner, the old boys had the pleasure of  hearing Tappy Tapping discoursing on his recent move to Walsingham.
Picture of Boxing Team


Form VIa moved into their new form room upstairs in the Old Building, whence the Reference Library was also transferred, whilst VIb took up residence in the old staff room.  
School certs were 31, Higher were 13.
Obit Richard Miller, 1935 – 40, killed in an aircraft crash. After RAF service he joined civil airline on the milk flight from Belfast to Liverpool, one of which came to grief on the Isle of Man.
Tony Gill, P J Holloway and Raymond Annereau have started teacher training.
A H Thrasher is with the RAF in Rhodesia.
Alan Evans is at Exeter College in Oxford.
Commem on Thursday 22 July well attended by old boys. Afterwards to the School Field to watch the swimming sports. 85 attended the dinner dance at the King's Head, presided over by Pop Herridge. His shop had served as a refuge for “train boys” in the interval between school ending and train leaving. They did their homework in his room behind the shop. The memory  is treasured by those who enjoyed his hospitality. On the following day the OWA AGM took place in Big School, headmaster in the Chair. The Secretary G H Dacombe was gratified that for the first time since 1937 the numbers of OWA passed 100, 127 to be exact. Saturday saw a shooting match which school won 721 to 697, and a cricket match which was drawn. Thereafter the Scavenge Hunt was a great amusement, which finished up in the Old Manor Farm, where the team of Mr & Mrs Ron Small, Inky Inkpen and Miss Betty Herridge took the prize.
Old Winburniam magazine no 108 has a commemoration of Admiral Denny a most distinguished old boy.


The Governors have completely renovated the Fives Courts.
Two lorryloads of cadets admire the firepower of the Royal Artillery in a visit to Larkhill, Wilts.
Freddie Addison formerly at Avoncraft Agricultural College is now working on a farm at Basingstoke.
R Newbery works for the Income Tax Department in London.
Reg Cornish is at Klagenfurt in NAAFI H.Q.
Michael Humphries is at Pembroke College, Cambs.
A G Ward appointed Director of British Gelatin & Glue Assoc. on the research side.
On Easter Saturday the OW rugby team defeated the school by 7 tries against 1 converted try. The school at least showed them how to kick!
Mr Drury departs after 28 years, he was presented with an electric table lamp by Frewer on behalf of the school at the end of term. Mr Huntington back to replace him.
D A Parker wins a scholarship to Imperial College, London, occasion for a day's holiday to celebrate this important success.
10 Higher School Certs, 27 School Certs.
` Alan Chalmers is 2 Lt at Talavera Barracks, Aldershot.
John Raggett served in India from 1941-46 in the Royal Engineers, now settled in London with a firm of Architects.

Picture of football team


OW C F J Hankinson, the editor of Debrett's, at school 1910&11, writes to Headmaster about H C Sheraton-Baker, one of his contemporaries.
M T Pollard writes about his “cushy job” in RAF Air Control at Prestwick.
Basil Nash, boarder in the 30's, a keen amateur pilot, is at Skefco Ball Bearing Co.
Ken Cater has a permanent commission in the RAF, at St Athan.
R Douch lectures at Southampton University, H L has a post as Archivist at Truro.
Doug Williams enters King Alfred's College, Winchester.
P Beckett studies at Bournemouth College, as do Tony Bletsoe and Arthur Dean.
At half term the opening of the Canteen was much welcomed., they can now sit down to a well-cooked meal in peace.
G B Shaw's St Joan was presented with great success, Francis playing Joan was outstanding, K Bartlett gave a delightful interpretation of the Dauphin, and Armitage invested the Archbishop with maximum dignity. Bluebeard was played by Chick, who doubled also as the soldier in the epilogue, playing Shavian comic with assurance and obvious enjoyment. The 19 play Mr Mottram has produced at the school,  and  “even hardened colleagues wondered occasionally if a miracle had occurred”.
Antony Evans is prospective Labout candidate for East Grinstead.
P F Christopher DFC is at RAF Luga in Malta, where Keith Overton is a Corporal.
At the annual OWA dinner, the Chair was taken by Maj. Gen A Dudley Ward, commandant of the Army Staff College at Camberley. Ivor Hilliam gave witty impersonations of Messrs Airey, Tapping and Kerswell. “Tipper” replied in characteristic vein, recording our pride in Ivor's captainship of Guy's Hospital Rugger team.


J D Neal M.A.
With sincere regret the school learnt of the intention of the Headmaster to retire at the end of the summer term. A presentation ws made to him on 19 April, the annual reunion of the OWA. Mr Kerswell recalled his many achievements and traced the development of the school under his guidance. Then Head Boy K Bartlett thanked Mr & Mrs Airey for the grand job they had done and wished them every happiness. After which, they presented them with a gardening trolley. The school showed its more personal feelings with great vigour in their response to Dacombe's call for 3 Cheers.
The Headmaster and Mrs Airey had the great pleasure of a talk with the Right Reverend John Wellington who was a boarder in Fynes-Clinton's time. As Bishop of Shantung, he was interned by the Japanese in Shanghai from 1942 to 1945. Now resident in Essex, he says he left WGS in order to make room for Frank Kerridge.
Alec Hall now editor of 2 newspapers in Hemel Hempstead.
Aubrey Thrasher is a navigator in RAF Transport Command.
Ist XI Cricket won 10 out of 11 fixtures, captained by I T G Kidd, with K R Dacombe as Vice-Capt. The game against Clayesmore saw 236 runs being scored for 16 wickets. In the staff match, exactly 100 runs were scored by each team, Kidd levelling the scores with a 4 from the last ball of the game.
Capt. J D Neil comes in as Headmaster, who made his debut at Speech Day and paid tribute to the outgoing head. The choir sang two of their songs unaccompanied: a new feature was a short scene in French from Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme executed in exhilarating tempo by K Bartlett, P D Eyres, J C Smith, and P Warner.
J C Wallis is at Police College, T C Ainsworth is in the Metropolitan Police, and Sgt C R Budden of the Military Police is home on leave from Vienna.
At Imperial College, P J Clewer joins A S J Farrow, J Woodrow and D A Parker, whilst D F Stevens and P B Trinkle are at University College, London.


After no less than 32 years service, Mr L H Mottram leaves. His departure signalled by a marvellous performance as The Miser by Moliere. A school play which he both produced and acted in. It summed up his qualities as a teacher and a man. In his reply to the praise he received, his words are “ I can only say I am overwhelmed by the affection, interest and sympathy they symbolise”.
Cross country took up a lot of time: on 9 Feb, 1 and 15 Mar they competed in various races at Bryanstone, without success but Hellier ran well to finish 3 in one of them: also on 16 Feb 2 teams took part in N Dorset Schools Championship. Lee, Wiseman, Lowman & Snelgrove chosen to run run for N Dorset in the County Schools meeting.
Cpl G R Burden chosen to represent his station in the Coronation Procession.
CPO Peter Wadham RN on leave prior to foreign service.
Don Phillips keeping up his cross country running in the RAF near Andover.
C G Burden 1932-38 interested in meeting other OWs in S Rhodesia.
Royal Aeronautical Establishment has D House and A P Austin as students.
H W Chislett from Dr Allan's time is now settled in Cornwall, after long service in the RNVR. Also from that era, R G Swann in Orpington who now recruits staff for Lloyd's Bank.
Tony Bletsoe is now Member of Pharmaceutical Society serving in RAMC.
Max Jenkins 1918-27 retired from RAF, came to the OW dinner.
OBIT. Maj-Gen H A V Cummins CB, CMG, one of the oldest OWs.


At the OW AGM on 16 April Gordon Dacombe stood down as Chairman and Tony Hilliam took his place. Mr Mottram became Secretary and took the Chair for the dinner which followed. Ray Lush proposed the toast to the school, and after a brief speech by the Headmaster, Saunders as Head Boy answered wittily for the School. Phil Bollen presented a cheque, and an armchair, to Mr Mottram on his retirement, with everybody's good wishes for a long and serene one.
The school welcomes the first 30 girls, together with 4 new mistresses. To accommodate this and other developments, great changes made to the Chantry. The old Staff room joined to the old Armoury to make a woodwork room. Room 8 above, becomes the Domestic Science room. A new floor added to the New Building, consisting of a Library, and rooms for geography, history, modern languages, and art, with studio. All this building work whilst lessons proceeded underneath. Not unknown for a class to take to the comparative seclusion of the playground wall.
The introduction of girls, explained Mr Neil on Speech Day, meant that some boys who would otherwise have come have been sent to the new Secondary Modern School at Pamphill. This being in line with the County Development plan. He hoped people would accept the change. Prizes were given by Lt-Gen Dudley Ward.
The school orchestra performs at every Friday assembly, making good progress.
The cricket team, captained by M E J Foot, declared at 120 for 3 at Blandford, only to lose on the last ball of the match.
OWA now holds a stock of new ties of pattern approved at April AGM, tastefully produced miniatures of the Tudor badge on a dark blue background. G E M Clarke writes that the last 4 inches of said tie are exhibited at the Bear Inn, Oxford, where mine host has a collection.
Peter Cooper, at school in the late 20s, is now Physiotherapist on S S Gothic on the Royal Tour.
Len Pearce is Radar Mechanic in the RAF stationed at Bonn.
Brian Evans plays Rugby in Bournemouth College of Art XV.
J B Spooner commissioned in REME in Blandford, awarded State Scholarship at Imperial College.

First girls admitted  


Second floor added to the New Buildings, providing 4 classrooms, an art room and a reference library.
At the end of Spring Term, Mr Steele, caretaker for so long, retired. A D H Allan remembered hiring him to follow Mr Cheney. A fund was set up for a presentation.
Members of the Cadet Corps inspected at Dorchester by HRH Duchess of Kent, Colonel-in-Chief of the Dorset regiment, who spoke to some of them. A month later were in action again lining the route from the Minster to the new Classroom Block, when the Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, Miss L S Sutherland, kindly performed the opening ceremony. She said that Lady Margaret would have been very enthusiastic if she knew that girls are now having the same educational opportunities as the boys.
G F Drew 1936-44 writes from Canada where he works for the Toronto Star.
Kenneth Porter 1938-42 now works in Salisbury after a period in Liberia.
Stuart Alexander in Alresford writes that brother John is back home after car smash.
A V Risden is now a District Commissioner in Accra, Gold Coast.
From RAF Cranwell Ivor Jukes writes that brother Leo is recovering from an illness in Australia, and Claude lives in Nigeria.
In the GCE exams, C B Lucas and N J B Ritchie had 2 passes in Advanced, and 16 boys had passes at Ordinary level.
Obit. F/O H E Thorne passed away as a result of a flying accident near Ware on 20 Dec 53. He was a good cricketer and tennis player, entered with zest into everything at school.
Obit. Life member H W Mooring Aldridge, died last summer. Senior partner of prominent firm of solicitors, had a record of untiring public service.
28 October, Speech Day at the Tivoli. Mr Neil announces that he regretfully discontinues the Cadet Corps. It imposed too many extra duties for staff and disturbance of lessons for pupils, and with 2 years National Service, it is not necessary. Distinguished sailor Sir Desmond McCarthy distributed the prizes, speaking about the need for intelligent discipline rather than simple unthinking obedience such as had been the rule in the old days. Two girls received prizes, the first to do so in the school's history.
In August Mr Pursey took 18 boys to Germany for 2 weeks, based in Kassel. Writing in The Winburnian, R Hussey and D A Scrase remark on the friendly and obliging German people.
Edward Stewart is now manager of the famous family garden centre at Ferndown.
Norman Trinkle is in Germany, cousin Peter is working in timber in Finland.
Michael Kerley works with the RAF Meteorological Flight at Farnborough, C F Lockyer is with CID at Salisbury, H Atwill is Air Traffic Control Officer at Hurn, and E Parker works for the Forestry Commission in Lyndhurst.
Former boarder Richard Matthews now lives in San Francisco.
Good news about Ken Hayson from Sturminster Marshall: having been crippled by polio had to leave school, but was able after long treatment to attend Agricultural College and is now working on engineering staff at United Dairies.


In the School mag: On (mock) Election Day, Con. D J Lawman won 119 votes: Comm. A R Bennett 61: Lib. E Wood 59: Lab. R J Richmond 34. H A Elson reports successful visit to British Drugs Houses in Poole, by a party of boys led by Mr Lester. In the Spring Term, Mrs Bankes kindly welcomed another party to Kingston Lacey, reported by R J Richmond.
Obit. George Eyers, organist and choirmaster at the Minster, music master at the turn of the century.
Clifford Gibbs at school in the 20s now principal of  the School of Nutrition.
Ken Holloway, sometimes known as Holloway IV, BA at Sydney University.
Rodney Wiseman visits 12 countries as crewman on an oiltanker.
W “Pif” Wheeler at King Alfred's College, Winchester, full blue at Rugger.
Ian Bishop is with the Ist Batt. The King's Own at Hong Kong.
Donald Harris, l. 1925, is now organist at Ringwood Parish Church.
John Chilvers and John Wiseman attended the wedding of Keith Davis l. 1947. Also getting wed, W F Osman reunited the following OWs: M Quarmby, G Hartman, S. Norman. At work at Farnborough, he has met Dennis House, Tony Hill and Kerley.
Whilst a party from Wimborne went to Bruges in Belgium under Mr Stephens and Miss Jarman, on 23 July a party of German boys from Kassel paid a return visit to Wimborne. The visitors were surprised that we go to school in the afternoon! Under Mr Pursey visits were made to Dorset beauty spots one day, and to the cheese factory at Sturminster Marshall next day. R O Hussey wrote that his friend Rudi much enjoyed outings to Bournemouth and Sandbanks among other amusements.
Nov 18, date of OWA reunion at the Reform Club, Pall Mall, under the aegis of Jack Marsh. Toast to the school proposed by Gen A D Ward, response by R G Swann. Attended by H Stevens, now aged 77, who appears in 1890's school photo to the left of Mr Fynes-Clinton's ear, and  who sent this and 5 other  interesting photos of the time for safe-keeping at school. Also by Andy Hooper and Ken Cater.


The Rugby XV won 6 out of 6 matches against other schools. In Soccer, they won 3, lost 4, with 21 goals for, and 17 goals against. A good haul of 1sts and 2nds in the Area Athletics meeting at Poole. Girls Under-13 Yvonne Sawyer won both High- and Long-Jump. Mabey won the under-17 Javelin with a throw of  149 ft., Elgar won under-14 440 yds in 57.9 secs, and Brewster the senior 880yds. Again, in the County Championship at Dorchester, Pickford won Discus with 143ft, beating his own record by 10ft.
At the AGM on 14 March, the Old Winburnians committee updated the rules to admit lady members by a majority of 19 to 3. Some 50 old boys attended the dinner afterwards in Big School, admirably laid on by Mrs Legg and her team.
The annual reunion was greeted by fine weather at the end of July, the morning passed in shooting, won by the school, and games of Fives, which ended in a draw. In cricket the old boys ran to 108 for 8 mainly due to Park and Butler, whilst school could only manage 71, with Randall, Beadle and Foot making the best contributions.
Speech Day 23 October distinguished by the presence of broadcaster and OW Stuart Hibberd. Chairman of Governors greeted him, followed by Headmaster who gave an account of academic success 4 gaining Dorset County Major Scholarships, and sporting success with girls now fielding hockey, netball and tennis teams. Stuart Hibberd distributed the prizes and gave a witty talk emphasising the beauties of Dorset and good fortune of those who live and study in Wimborne.
Johnny Thunder l. 1943 writes that he is Art Director of the Detroit Free Press.
Roy Lockyer is enjoying Tripoli, a marvellous sea-port, where he is in the RAOC.
Derek Bristowe recently married and is on the staff of Vauxhall Motors, Luton.
Life member E J French now moved back to Dorset, is Telephone Manager for PO.
Bournemouth Town Hall can number among its staff Dennis Campkin, Len Pearce, Ronnie Broughton, Derek Benwell and Eric Bartlett.
The Gibbs/Bishop connection: no less than 11 members of the clan are OWs: William himself, our correspondent, mentions David his brother, Michael Cornick a cousin,  uncle Arthur, another uncle in the RAF W/O Jack, awarded MBE in New Year Honours.
Alec Parker, with British Thomson Houston at Rugby, met Derek Diprose, who did an apprenticeship there before doing National Service.
Picture of the Tennis Cup Winners


Obit. Cecil Budden, who left in the late 40s. A Constable in the Dorset Police, he died on motor-cycle duty in Weymouth on 19 May. Arthur Bishop represented OWA at his funeral.
Commander F G Giles l. 1913, wrote sending money for a Cup for the girls. Several other OWs have responded to the appeal for silverware for their sports. Giles also sent a collection of postage stamps for the Stamp Club from Bermuda, where he lives.
Miss Jarman, who came in with the first girls, has moved on to a post at Acton, taking the gratitude and good wishes of the school.
Due to the efforts of Antell, Brewster and Langford, the cricket team won 8, drew 3 and lost 1 match, oustanding the fine innings of Antell against the RAC at Bovington. Equally good the athletics, in the Poole & District competition with nine 1, eleven 2, and eleven 3rds. Girls shone in the area meeting with five 1, four 2, two 3rds. K Robinson, Y Sawyer, L Clement, and D Christopher stood out.
On Speech Day Marian Stephens gave formidable performance as Lady Bracknell in a clip from The Importance of Being Earnest.. Mr Stephens presented another of his French scenes, Suzanne est trop genereuse wherein Elizabeth Jenkins was too kind-hearted to J B Jenkins's odious beggar. Headmaster reported that with 370 the register was larger than ever and growing by 30 a year. Dr A L Macpherson MA, headmistress of Talbot Heath School gave the prizes, and praised the school for adapting so well to co-education.
Major L W Taylor, who took part in the D-Day landings, now commands a TA unit.
R K Pugh awarded a Doctorate in Philosophy, looks to ordination at Ripon Hall.
Richard Willans visited the school in July.
Ken Bartlett is a regular player with the Wasps, when not teaching youngsters from a LCC housing estate at Barnet, Herts. Likewise Edgar Francis at Boreham Wood, nearby.
A G Hollins, l.1896, brought to the school some journal extracts relating to the 400 Anniversary celebrations, which have been added to the archives of the OWA.
Horace Yetman 1873-77 sends his greetings from Crawley.
Raymond Moore travelling by train to London engaged conversation with another passenger, it turned out to be another OW, Stuart Hibberd, no less.


Numbers increased from 450 last year to 500 this year.
Parents Association held a quiz on 5 Feb, benefitted the school with the gift of a magnificent typewriter. It will do everything except work out the answers, one disgruntled character was heard to remark. They also presented two teak seats for the playing field.
J L Kearon won an Open Exhibition for Maths at Southampton Uni, and County Major Scholarships went to A J Dean, G E Tesson, Susan Sims, P G Hill, & N A Waterman.
For School Play they chose Arms and The Man. It calls for a lot of special effects, shots, bells, broken glass, knocks. Barrows and his assistants Frampton, Hartnell and Hopkinson contrived miracles of ingenuity which worked for the most part at the right time.
On Speech Day Form Ia put on an amusing presentation of Bottom's play from Midsummer Night's Dream. Prizes were given by Mr J D Chesterfield, Chairman of the County Education Committee. In his speech he dwelt on the difficulties of the increase in numbers,  stating that the plan proposed new buildings for Wimborne in 1965-66, but only provisionally. Thanks were proposed by Head Boy A A Elgar, and Head Girl Christine Arthur in a witty speech.
M Bishop of Form IIa reports on the deluge of October 6.  Going home he was turned back by the Police at Leigh Arch, so he went up St John's Hill. Even in Colehill the drains couldn't cope, and he saw cars stranded. When he got home, it was flooded by 6in.of water.
The OWA reunion began with shooting: scores OWA 123, Boys 119, Girls 118 with stout rifling from Christine Arthur. The evening Fives encounters were exciting, school emerging victorious. Cricket on the Saturday was a story of reverses: school 43 to OWs 103 looked decisive, but in the 2 innings school's 132 saw off the old boys' 46. In the evening the Car Treasure  Hunt was won by Dr and Mrs Hadden, helped by 2 enterprising VIth formers they took as passengers.
Obit. A D H Allan. Headmaster from 1903 to 1929, numbers increased considerably during his time and the school had many successes. Long-time President of the OWA, he continued to take interest in the School and left a lasting memory.
Obit. Sir Richard Glyn, for many years Chairman of the Governors, great supporter of the School.


Congratulations to J P Horsey on winning 1 State Scholarship for 7 years. County Scholarships went to Annels, Hopkinson, Mousley, Anne Cottrell, Dianne Hoare, Dorothy Meech, Angela Oakeshott, whilst Barrows and Osman got County Technical Scholarships.
Long-term chairman G C Willis retires, and Brigadier M J Richards moves up from Vice Chairman of Governors to Chairman. Heartfelt thanks to Mr Willis who worked tirelessly for the school.
Lady Precious Stream delightfully played by Elaine Hooker to Richard Warner's gardener Hsieh-Ping Kuei, he having just the right blend of dignity and serenity, captivated the audience at the School Play. Roger Whittaker, Margaret Kingsbury and Gillian Coombes played well in supporting roles.
The soccer season got off to a good start with swans in the goalmouth and waves lapping the pavilion.When play was possible, the team captained by P Cox, lost to Blandford, Poole and Swanage, drew with Shaftesbury, and beat Portchester, Weymouth and the Old Boys. In cricket, they reversed the Poole result winning away, and at Swanage won a close match by 89 to 88 runs. Dacombe, Hartnell and Beddington the highest scorers, and Cox, Spall and Beddington the best bowlers.    
3rd Nov Speech Day held in the hall of Pamphill School, began with Form V Arts giving a playlet from Chaucer, and songs from the School Choir. The new Chairman of Governors thanked Headmaster and staff for their work and improved exam results. The Headmaster said that in his 10 year, he could present his best list of Honours. The Head Boy, Rose, presented on behalf of the School a travelling clock to Mr Willis. Prizes were presented by Mr W F J Knight, an eminent classical scholar. He spoke amusingly about the prevention of old age, by indulging in the activity of learning.


Thanks to Mr C S Wright for providing a solution to a long-standing problem: balls kicked into the river had to be chased as far as the town mill: now a boom has been rigged up to steer them gently to shore. Also to Mr D W Thorne for goal posts at the newly acquired Rugby pitch at Redcotts.
Mr Maiden, wearing his Chain of Office as Chair of the Urban District Coucil for the second time, and Mrs Maiden, took seats of honour at the annual Prize-giving.
The Carol Concert in the Minster on Dec 18 raised money for Oxfam and the School Instruments Fund, a cheque for £50 sent to Oxfam.
21 July, all-day cricket match against the Old Boys, R Strong's feat of a hat-trick saw the OBs out for a mere 29.  School replied with 32, but Paul Cox scored 58 in the visitors' 2 innings for 117 total, school could only reply with 32. The preceding shooting match saw the OW team sweep the board, with the exception that young  Karen Robinson scored the maximum from her 2 rounds, best performance of the day.
The Hockey team captained by Elaine Hooker played 15 matches and lost none. 9 girls took part in the County Athletics at Blandford, first place 100 Yds: Gill Cowdry, 220 yds: Janet Daniels, Javelin: Sandra Birch. In Tennis, Janice Strong and Karen Robinson awarded Colours, Senior Champ: Jill Cowdry, Junior: Susan Lord.
John Hollins 1901-08 sent apologies for absence at reunion, now lives at Crowborough.
Alan Bennett 1956 is at London School of Economics taking his B Sc (Econ).
Douglas Cobb 1939 is Chief Inspector of Police at Christchurch
John Chandler 1949 works at Metal Box Co. Research Dept at Acton.
John Baker 1959 is congratulated on winning a Massey-Ferguson tractor in national competition.
Former Masters and their wives meet in Leeds to recall their days at Wimborne: Messrs. Huntingdon, Thurlow and Dennis sent greetings to the OWA and the School.

Picture of Cricket Team.


M T Traves, winner of a Travelling Scholarship awarded by the Governors, managed for a little over £30 to visit 6 countries in 7 weeks, and gave a full and vivid account, part of which was printed in the Winburnian. Lorna Woodall took hers in Brussels, Whittaker went as far as Moscow and Leningrad.
Library receives a copy of Great Britain and Sea Power by OW C J Bartlett, new book published by Oxford University Press.
Retirement of Mr H W “Tarzan” Williams, who takes the Chair at OWA dinner on 20 April.
A telegram was sent to Buckingham Palace humbly offering Her Majesty loyal greetings on the four hundredth anniversary of the granting of their first Charter by Queen Elizabeth I. On Speech Day a telegram was received from Buckingham Palace in which the Queen congratulated the School. Tributes were paid to Mr “Bill” Williams, also known as Tarzan, who retires. He would leave a very big gap in the staff, and a very big hole in our hearts. He had, as well, brought into being Wimborne Rugby Club, which is mainly drawn from Old Winburnians, and had served it with care, assiduity and resounding success.
Obit. Mr T W Tapping, teacher from 1924-43, served school with loyalty and deep affection.
Local Police re-inforced by Geoff Bartlett, at Poole, and Insp. Arthur H Bishop at Wimborne.
Tony Elgar is studying for his B D S dental degree at St Andrews University, Dundee.
David Armitage l. 1951 is teaching at Divisional HQ 4 Div at Herford in Germany.
R J Hayter l.1951 now works for Rootes Group in Coventry.
Jennifer Bartlett is engaged to Chris Barrows, whilst Sandra Birch has joined the WRNS.
Obit. Frank Kerridge l. 1912, an authority on Dorset dialect, his readings gave great delight.
Dick Jeffery l.1947 saddened by news of the death of Mr Tapping.
Visit from C Culmer Hodges, l. 1903, now retired, who last visited school in 1928.
Capt. Ian Bishop, l. 1947, Royal Border Regt. stationed at Wuppertal with the 1 Battalion.
Obit. Rodney Dean, l. 1946, thickset and apparently slow-moving, but very successful goalkeeper in the school team, later manager at Boots.

Picture of Hockey Team.


Congratulations to Malcolm McNeill for winning the javelin in All-England Schoolboy Sports.
Last day of Spring term school fielded a 7 in the Dorset County Seven-a-side competition for the first time. They did well to reach the final scoring 40 points, nil against. They were then defeated 11-0 by Kemp-Welch School, but  Butler (Capt), Dacombe, Powell, Jenkins, Harper, Dawson, and Burton played entertainingly.
On Speech Day at Pamphill School the Headmaster praised the lengthening list of Honours awarded to pupils, with 9 University places, including one to Cambridge, the first for some years. The school is still looking forward to its new buildings, as numbers rise to 600. Everyone anxious to know what kind of school it will be.
J L Cooke l. 1913 entertains with the account of his being chased by enraged headmaster
A D H “Pecker” Allan on a bike, after being caught  in Hanham's garden and fleeing punishment.
H W Chislett l. 1916, thinks he was the 5th generation to attend the school., and relates how they played  “1 2 3 and a man for me” in the gravel playground with a good deal of rugger tackling. He remembers “Oppy” Fowler's anger when boys reported that their chisel was blunted: he taught carpentry, was a wizard with the chisel himself, and brought many boys to a high level of accomplishment.
R E Ashford l. 1919 has retired to Teignmouth and hopes to play a lot of golf.
Africa hands C H Corlett l. 1932, Jack Dunton l. 1927, and A V Risdon l. 1927 all wrote in.
Settling back in UK is Claude Jukes, l. 1923. He served in the Army in China, Palestine and Africa.
Obit. Jack Wright l. 1937, well-known founder of Wright Rain, recognized for his pioneering work on irrigation in Mozambique. Tragically, whilst on business in Rhodesia, he died in an air crash. He had built up a business employing 300 people in Ringwood.
Mary Alexander l. 1964 finds herself studying at Nonnington College where Motty also attended.
John Marsh l. 1930, is now Director of British Institute of Management.


Congratulations to A R W Smith on election to Fellowship of University College of North Wales. Open Scholarships to R H Williamson , Exeter Coll, Oxford, and  V R L Hopkinson, Pembroke Coll Cambridge. Also starting University C Halliday, Margaret Newell, Janet Pursey, S E Randall, D J Royce, Elizabeth Scrace, Ann Thompson, Margaret Warren, J L Woodsford, Pamela Johnson, G Bennet and R G Gilbert.
Ruby Hutchinson and Barbara Knox spent summer term at schools in Germany.
The Rugby team had some success, winning 5, losing 5 and drawing at Bournemouth 8 – 8. Bathurst, Baldry and Buckland a capable front row, and Martin's height meant they conceded very few line-outs. Inspired by the quick wits of the captain, McNeill, the three-quarter line produced some fine tries.
In Poole and District Athletics, the Relay team Hargreaves, Alderson, McNeill and Radcliffe produced a fine win in a very close finish with Poole Grammar. Radcliffe went on to win the 100 yds, and McNeill threw the Javelin 212 ft to win, exceeding previous record by 6ft. In Hockey, colours awarded to Cora Renson, Catherine Rawles, Alison Sandey, Susan Everson, Sally Froud. Unluckily as many as 11 matches were scratched, and of the 6 played, none were won. Tennis had a happier year, winning against  Swanage, Blandford and the Old Girls, losing against Dorchester and Weymouth.
Spring holidays saw the newly formed Archaeological Society engaged in digs at Lake Gates, led by Mr. Briggs, together with a party from Poole Grammar. Two pits were revealed containing a Claudian coin, Samian vase, bronze buckles and bronze lion statuette.
John Bown l. 1950, is in Garrick's The Clandestine Marriage at Chichester with Margaret Rutherford.


May first meeting of the School Council. Each House elected 3 members, giving a membership of 12 with the Headmaster as Chairman, offering the school an active part in its own government. Decided to have the morning reading from the New English Bible, to aid understanding, and to limit prefects to 30, 15 boys and 15 girls.
In the Spring term a presentation of Major Barbara by G B Shaw saw Elizabeth Jones and Susan de Candole alternate the title role. Balson over-played the role of Lomax, whereas David Finnemore acted Cusins, the clever prospective husband, whilst at the same time managing the sound effects, which only he could make work. Bridget Hargreaves and Lorna Giles did well, as did W G Saunders as the crafty Undershaft, the arms manufacturer. The set was the work of Mr Hemingway aided by P Ball, S W Harris, W Holyoak and IVth form boys.
A few days before the end of Spring term 51 boys and girls went to continue their studies at Chauny School in the department of L'Aisne in France. 4 days were spent in the school, and a further two weeks staying at the homes of their French partners. They had a civic reception, and visited the Champagne vinyards.
OWA laments only 24 members turned up for the dinner, which had been prepared for twice that number. At least, as someone wrote afterwards, the singing of the School Song was the best for ages, the bar up to its usual high standard, and the attendees enjoyed it. Ken Cater took the Chair.
Speech Day once again at School instead of Pamphill meant not everybody could get in. The brisk Brigadier M J Richards MBE chaired a meeting which began with school choir executing 3 beautifully sung madrigals. Headmaster has doubts as to its place in various proposed reorganisation schemes, even annihilation! Sir Kenneth Wheare, Rector of Exeter College, Oxford presented the prizes, warning that new methods of educational practice don't promise the elimination of the drudgery of learning. Not the case, pursuit of knowledge as demanding as ever.


March 23 large numbers of Vth and VIth Form pupils gather. As the Minster clock struck 10 pm the 50-mile walk got under way. All 88 starters reached the second check-point at Blandford.  Only a handful reached the World's End check-point at dawn. B Overend came in first for the 3rd time running. Finishers were Lewis, Thompson, Day, Shea, Cheeseman, Hood, Lane, Selby, Cammegh and Moore. £300 collected, donation of £200 to Shaftesbury House Muscular Dystrophy Centre, and £100 to Imperial Cancer Research Fund.
Mr Streets retires after 28 years service to the school.
In contrast with last year, OWA AGM and dinner attracted 60 members, who are indebted to the efforts of Mrs Legg and Richard Swinnerton for one of the best dinners they ever had. Maurice Herridge has resigned after many years as Treasurer, deeply appreciated. Faith Elford elected to replace him. Len Light responsible for newsletters and the Winburnian.
Mr J D Neil announces his intention of retiring at the end of the Autumn Term. Speaking at the Old Winburnians re-union he opined as follows: “ my prophesy of Speech Day 1966 is to come true. We are simply to be phased out. The operation has been planned in some detail....the School will continue as a separate institution for certainly 3 years, probably 4 and possibly 5. After that ...the school will be divided into 2 parts, one of which will go to Wimborne Modern School to link up and form an Upper Comprehensive and the other into a new comprehensive at Ferndown”. He expressed his great sorrow, and, for the restricted period in which it will remain, offered his deep love and very best wishes.
Peter Malynn l.1947 becomes a member of Greater London Authority for Haringay division.
F Riggs l. 1946 has settled in West Moors, home from Uganda.
C K Gould l. 1933, appointed Manager of Barclays Bank at Lechdale.
Vincent Hopkinson l. 1964 is engaged to Barbara Smith l. 1965. His brother Jeremy l. 1961 will move to CERN in Switzerland to do research on particles.
Donald Legg l. 1916 has retired from local government and is in Lewisham.
J P Newman l. 1924 wrote in appreciation of the excellent dinner.
Barry Buckland l. 1964 has gained his NCA at Dorset Farm Institute: his brother Graham l. 1966 is at National Provincial Bank in Ferndown.
A F Hollins l. 1898 sent in a photo of the School in 1896 taken by him with a Kodak camera.


A not very strong Rugby XV had a mixed season, 5 lost, 1 drawn, and 4 won, including a 14-12 victory over the OWs. In Soccer, some of their best play was in 5-4 defeat of Swanage. Against Poole, were 3-2 with only 10 minutes left, but ran out losers 3-4. Tong was excellent in goal. H R Cowan, captain of Athletics, complains that not enough people turned up for training, so few entries to County competition. The Hockey team won 5 out of 9 matches, great improvement. Cricket team did well, winning 8 out of 12 games. In a high-scoring came, they nearly overtook OWA's 177 with 153 runs. Their captain, J R Dacombe was appointed to captain Dorset Schools Cricket Association XI, and his younger brother D W selected for Dorset Schools Junior XI.
A lot of planning for the 50-mile walk carried out, but  in the end got nowhere. Taking place at night, it was considered a traffic hazard.
At the poorly attended OWA dinner and AGM, Mr Streets was presented with a handsome pewter beer tankard. He afterwards wrote a cordial letter of thanks, and added  “ it is up to the members to see that Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School is long remembered”.
Dennis Campkin l. 1945 has been overseeing engineers on new motorways in Bournemouth.
Derek Gould l. 1943 is now in Selsey after some years as Bank Manager in Winton.
J L Cook l. 1913 recommends young men to go to South Africa for employment opportunities.
No. 136 dated July 1968 of the Winburnian is the last to appear, containing Mr J D Neil's photo and parting  letter to the members.
Denys Dorrien Whitmore J.P. B.A.


Mr D D Whitmore
Latest information on future of the school supplied by the Headmaster. “ Modern School at Pamphill will close in 1971. QEGS will move to these buildings suitably enlarged, retaining its title, foundation and the traditional link with the Minster, and will change its character to Comprehensive Upper High School, with an age range of 13-18, thus embodying students from Pamphill and elsewhere”. Assurances given that the best from the existing school will be carried forward to the new establishment.
18 March: OWA members receive a circular detailing the vote on whether the Society should continue. Of 325 memos sent out Dec 1968, 252 failed to reply, 55 want continuation, 11 favoured closing after transfer to new premises, 2 close straightaway. At the subsequent committee, they decided to continue until a new Association is started in the new school.
The Headmaster, Mr D D Whitmore, urgently requests someone to write a new tune for the school song, as the present one is un-singable.
17 Oct, Speech Day held at Pamphill, prizes given by John Marsh  CBE l. 1930. He emphasised that  the educated person of today has to be receptive to new knowledge and new disciplines, and school, which has gone from 200 in 1926, become co-ed in 1953, and is due to become comprehensive in 1971, has to adapt.
C M Caunt l. 1925, has moved to Ensbury Park, Bournemouth.
Major C W Jukes, l. 1923, President of Bournemouth Athletic Club, is an AAA official.
Roger Lucas l. 1959, is a Market Researcher, after a career in printing.
Sqn-Ldr Andrew Hooper TD l. 1933 after war service was in RAF Regiment till 58, then in Insurance.
John Bass l. 1938 is a keen angler and works at National Provincial Bank in Parkstone.
Donald Lee l. 1959, after 3 years in HM Customs, resident in Dorchester, now working in agriculture, has joined the OWA committee looking after the newsletter and The Winburnian.`
David Creamer who left in the 30's, works with Airwork (Overseas Ltd) training Saudi Arabian pilots.
T C Froud l. 1946 spent 10 yrs on Defence computer projects where he met David Habgood l. 1943.
C G Burden l. 1938 now works in Salisbury Electricity Commission, Rhodesia, recommends the life.


The month of September sees the tragic departure of Mr Leonard Mottram and Mr H E Drury, two masters who have spent their whole lives in dedication to the school. Motty was also a stalwart of the Old Winburnians Association. Both gentlemen had attended the AGM on 18 April, held in Big School. Many OWs visiting the town would seek Motty out at the house in King Street and be sure of a warm welcome. Tributes to both men paid by Mr A R Maiden and Mr J C Airey.
The AGM discussed with the Headmaster Mr Whitmore what memorials, honours boards, name plates etc should be transferred to the new school.
The 30 Oct Speech Day held at Secondary Modern School had R D Price MA l. 1939 as guest, he is now Deputy Education Officer for Dorset. Arrangements for the amalgamation of the 2 schools are well in hand, and care taken to ensure continuity of studies is maintained.
Retirement of Mr Stephens, after 20 years. No more will be heard “point d'interrogation”.
Concern expressed about the fate of the old school buildings by Mr J C Airey.
Bill Gibbs l. 1947 is now Deputy Chief Education Officer Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames.
Marvyn Frampton is teaching at Sturminster Newton, as is Mr Clarke, former music master.
Inky Inkpen l. 1930 is now Chief Estate Surveyor at Ministry of Works.
J D Armitage regrets that few OWs pass through Germany, where he is teaching at Wickrath.


Queen Elizabeth's School will operate from 1971, but only occupy the new buildings being built at Pamphill in 1972.
Mr Airey sent a letter telling how he and Mrs Airey had been guests at TV programme “This is your Life” about Lionel Jeffries, l. 1945. At the party afterwards enjoyed long chats with Lionel and his family.
Alan Rich l. 1964 is in Canada living a happy and eventful life.
Vernon Forest l. 1945 is on leave from Tanzania where he runs a tea farm.


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