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R. B. Govett

Full Names

Rank /Unit  

Years at Q.E.G.S.

Richard Benson Govett

Royal Air Force V.R.



Date  / Place of Birth

Date  / Place of Death

Age at Death

1922 or 1923
Winton Bournemouth

Sunday  3rd January 1943   
Watton Norfolk


Richard Govett was the son of Edward & Ethel Govett of 72 Norton Road, Winton, Bournemouth.
Dick appeared in the contribution which Form Va made to the Christmas Concert in 1938. He played a part in a one act play, "The Grand Cham's Diamond" and the following Summer, he gained his School Certificate.
At the begining of the Spring term of 1940, he was appointed a prefect and later in the term he played the part of Captain Mellock in J. B. Priestley's "Bees on the Boat Deck", in which he was described as being, ".. a reasonably convincing fascist bully - a shade too nice, but reasonably convincing".  He was also involved in lighting the production.
Two years later, by the Spring of 1942, Richard was training as a pilot in Canada . He returned late in the Autumn but, within a few months, he died in a crash whilst completing his flying training, at R.A.F. Watton, in Norfolk.
His grave is in Watton (St. Mary's) Churchyard, Norfolk, which is about ten miles north of Thetford.

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