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H. D. Beck

Full Names

Rank /Unit  

Years at Q.E.G.S.

Hugh  Denis  Beck

Squadron Leader  
   Royal Air  Force

1923 1927


Date  / Place of Birth

Date  / Place of Death

Age at Death


Saturday 7th December 1940


Squadron Leader Beck was a Navigator, (probably an instructor ) at No. 16 OTU
[Operational Training Unit] at RAF Upper Heyford - West of Bicester.
He was flying in a Hampden (P4292) which crashed Nr.Chesterton, to the South of Bicester 7/12/40. The aircraft had a boom & twin tail fins/rudders. In addition to Beck, there were 2 pilots ( one with a DFM) and 2 W/Ops on board.
He is buried in Ringwood Cemetery.  His headstone is not one of the War Graves pattern but it has rose buds at the top left and is engraved 'Per Ardua Ad Astra'.
Hugh was the husband of Sarah, of St. Leonards, Ringwood, who died on the 12th of September 1984 and is commemorated on his stone.        
Ellen, his  mother, is commemorated by a flower vase on his grave.

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